nit pick…

Do get ‘into’ them (heather), we can’t wait to hear. Where’s this endless list we’re all waiting for, or are you still struggling with patch-working the screenshots?

And what ‘people don’t want it made public they support (your) pages‘? Would that be the two people who sent you screenshots of Paypal payments? Just the two of them yes?

And those receipts amount to what, £125 in total? If you have more, where are they and why would anyone be worried about receipts going public when you always remove the ID? Or is that just another crock?


8 thoughts on “nit pick…

  1. Oh Lordy,evva’s off again,ranting and raving,to an audience of none,think she has blown a fuse,””empirical and provable evidence” Cor blimey guv,that’s a good in.oh by the way,what happened to outing us all,I would sack miss marple and call in poirot.

    • I think she’s taken to reading a dictionary to try and improve herself. As she appears to have reached ‘E’ then perhaps she’d like to check out ‘egocentric’ next?

  2. They go beyond personal,and abuse people they don’t know from Adam.but I find it soo funny how offended they get when someone retaliates.there reaction is hysterical if someone dares to be abusive back.

  3. ‘Can you wonder why people do not want it made public they support our pages’????? Poxy/Evva, what are you like?? Can you wonder why people do not publicly object to your pages? Because you retaliate on a personal level – you hit way below the belt, Nothing is low enough for you is it? Are the leeches running out of suction? I’ve noticed less of them are actually commenting on your posts, apart from Amy ‘needs pills’ Miller, who so clearly needs to be sectioned.

    • my money is on the croc three 😀 😀 😀 oh gawd time for a musical interlude, top of the trops. it’s a lovely day in trolla today, lovely audience so let’s have a look at todays charts!
      on 3: the naughty lemons – twisted like a fool,
      runner up foxy roxy – ‘we are going on a summers holiday’ (no more drinking for a week or two) and our number one this week of course still heeeeere’s ev’ver and the trotts with their rendition of ‘who’s that girl’ 😀
      don’t forget to vote for your favourite artist, what will our top of the trops look like next week, it’s in your hands!

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