moldy old chestnut …

…it may be, but oh dear….

The way it looks from here, it’s safe to say that Heather Jones will now be required to put her money where her mouth is on this one.

Vermillion-I-don’t-have-an-opinion-of-my-own, making accusations based on what she’s fed by Jones.

Here are more regurgitated Paypal screenshots conveniently made anonymous. But let’s hope they have plenty more where that came from otherwise it’s in danger of looking a bit wet (£125??).


5 thoughts on “moldy old chestnut …

  1. I have lost count of how many times those screen shots have been put up,I see kel what stupid nameshallicallmyself Leigh has woken up from hibernation,shouldn’t have bothered,that was hardly worth the effort,

  2. Round and round and round they go,
    with boring tales so full of woe.
    same old screenshots on display,
    out of context…need I say??

  3. is it me or are those the same of a handful paypal screenshots ev’ver and her trotts keep reurgitating every week so far? hardly enough for a weekend at center parks no way near a BMW. a good thing they weren’t involved in that campaign, anyway. the streets of belfast would be lit with burning stakes for all the infidels.

  4. How very convenient that they can’t prove their claims of ‘tens of thousands’ of pounds being donated. Yet they are happy to keep making those claims. Of course the idea of ‘da family’ (Godfather style) coming after old people in a Cadillac, tommy gun in hand getting on a ferry to the mainland (unnoticed) and hunting down OAP’s is entirely believable. Just as Amy Millers unproven claim that she donated a ‘hugh’ (HUGE i tell you!) amount following a comment a week before that she’d donated £10, has never been proven by her (even after her fellow page pals asked her). Bluff, bluster and balderdash yet again from the ‘smart women’ on that page (that particular comment she made did make me guffaw). Instead they appear to enjoy humiliating themselves publicly instead

  5. Phew thanks evva trott,I needed an explanation why you keep regurgitating the same old drivel,because its the truth according to evva and the tits.or is it because that’s all you have,drivel.

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