and the cracks appear…

Thinking of challenging them? They prefer it if you’re alone, as Casper was. It’s much more effective to bully and make snide comments to one person. Note how ‘busy’ it suddenly gets on their pages when an outsider sets foot in their cave. Any other time they struggle to get enough people to form a couple:

Then of course there’s the name calling and stalking by creepy phone call (link). Strange, the link to that call made by ‘Roxanne’ has disappeared. Maybe they’d be good enough to stick it back so we can all have another listen?  And while you’re at it, put the comments you all made back with it.

We can’t leave without exhibiting Summers’ spite-scented montage:

And then there’s the other little compilation from Summers, or maybe that’s Mel Page?…..



4 thoughts on “and the cracks appear…

  1. Can someone please tell me who I am?still waiting for the big reveal,ancient pay pal receipts that we all have seen before plus threats made by who,the same mindless idiots that latch on to any campaign.and as always,evva trotts only shows the bits she wants you to see.

    • Scary that they assume that others will believe it just because they say it’s so? It does renew ones faith in humankind though that so few people are that lacking in brain cells as to have gone along with the complete twaddle they post.

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