the weekend starts here…

As it’s the end of the blogging week for us, and traditionally we’re not back until Monday, we thought it would be nice to leave you with some eloquent and articulate statements.

Note the never-before-seen, sophisticated one-liners:

Next up, Moggy:

Then there’s Debs Gathercole, the articulate poet, and the one with the scary legal team coming to get us (eek):

Looks like Debs had a blinding education, obviously no expense spared.

Debs assures everyone that she is who she is, which must be a relief to her and them, so as she’s so self-aware, we didn’t think she’d mind if we offered some advice. Debs seems to be struggling with her ditties, and it’s probably because she’s aiming too high.

Please keep the screenshots and other stuff coming folks. Take care and have a good weekend.


5 thoughts on “the weekend starts here…

  1. Just a quick question,heather keeps pointing out that she is the only admin on bbb,why does she have to put her name at the end of every comment?does it make her feel über important,or so she knows which character she is supposed to be.

  2. whattayouknow just saw a pig flying by my window…. hmm debbie seems to be confused, and so is ev’ver, knowbody?? you mean you know your body? or is nobody home? quite a lot of spelling mistakes for someone who loves to mock other people’s education. so now casper is hesper? or is it jason? or troy? or sin? or the son of sin? mary? harry? larry? oh no, look it’s santa claus 😀 enjoy the weekend! looking forward to your Monday episode of ev’ver and the trotts.

  3. Have a good weekend,hope i will know who I am by Monday.oh look there goes a flying pig.maybe by Monday we will have the big reveal.but I won’t hold my breath,blue in the face is not a good look

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