that phone call…

…rears it’s ugly head again:

Pardoe likes to pop in every now and then to stick the boot in, provided everyone else is also out in force.

Julie, you are so last month, that phone call has been picked to pieces many times. We covered it ourselves in October but you can find it dissected anywhere you care to look on Facebook. Get a grip woman. (Sorry to ask; when you say your ‘friends DO work’ with a wink, is that innuendo? You know, like ‘working’ in the Biblical sense?).



3 thoughts on “that phone call…

  1. so now Syc was being heroic having ‘the balls to confront them’? and just how heroic is it to make a call and not even saying your proper name? you gotta grand it to them they have some good raw material for that european tour. must be a sunshiny day in trolla today.

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