genuine fakes…

It’s a good show tonight…

for starters, the person behind Poosey seems to have been on the boosey…

Pussy love, you're not real!

and then this…

Another priceless gem from Heather Jones. Of course, we won’t mention her sneaking around, using the Twisted Lemon profile, trying to goad a long departed poster into answering a question about something and someone totally unrelated.


3 thoughts on “genuine fakes…

  1. Ha ha ha ,heather’sbig reveal,she just doesn’t get it,does she.she wouldn’t have an original idea if her life depended on it.feel very flattered as heather is learning new tricks from you,bless,thinks she is being clever,just looking stupid,evva trots and her tits never fail to amuse

  2. I am really confused,is heather roxy?is Amy poosey?does anybody know who they are?am I me or someone else?or is there 2people making out they are 195 likers,answers on a postcard please.

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