Saturday Matinee…

The Ralphing – Part I

Although posted by Summers just this week, you can see the Save Lennox screen-grab she’s used to score (nil) points is well over a year old….

This is normal practice for the Hate Campaign .  All of their ‘evidence’, ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ are outdated and resurrected on a regular basis, running through their pages like a fart through a sieve.

The Ralphing – Part II

This screen-grab has been around since Year Dot, doing the Summers’ rounds many times. We include it only to illustrate more obsession and hate, and because we thought Ms Lawrence’s statement was just a bit rich!  Self-delusion strikes again.


A message from our Sponsor:

The Ralphing – Part III

The facts according to Summers, self-appointed legal expert (Legal Eagle)..


3 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee…

  1. The Lav site is posting some apparent evidence of something they think they were asked for but for the life of me i couldn’t work out what point they were trying to make as all i could see were screen grabs of people pointing out their many failings in what looked like a civilised fashion. It was Saturday night though so perhaps they’d been out drinking with Amy?

  2. Now own up,who has kidnapped evva and replaced her with a half way decent human being,is this sincerity,or just the desperate back pedalling of someone who thinks she is losing support,I am not a vindictive person,nor do I bear grudges but it will be very hard to forgive and forget the nastiness and vitriole of syc and co.or to trust that she won’t stab you in the back again

  3. With regard to the outdated and regurgitated posts those id’s keep using, it reminds me of the way belfast city council tried to manipulate the media over Lennox

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