Legal eagle

Roxanne Summers would have you all believe she’s a barrister and legal expert.

The evidence – Exhibit 1

Another vile, deranged and illogical rant from Potty Mouth.

We could go on about how a sane legal expert wouldn’t post such comments on a social networking site or a tacky website (LLAAV), but that’s stating the obvious and an insult to the intelligence of our supporters.

Exhibit 2

As staunch allies and friends of dog warden Sandie Lightfoot , this is the best the Hate Campaign could come up with.

Apparently it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, because Sandie Lightfoot says so, in her own words. Classic.

Exhibit 3 

What? Caroline Barnes received a donation of ONE POUND STERLING (refunded!)? Scandalous! We just have two words – Melanie Page.

In Conclusion

The only UK BAR Summers has ever visited is the alcoholic kind, unless standards have dropped dramatically. You’d expect a barrister to achieve a high level of education, and have more than a passing acquaintance with Latin…





5 thoughts on “Legal eagle

  1. Yeah smacking of desperation because they have tried and tried but been an EPIC fail. Their Likes have gone down – but they don’t notice because they are too rapped up in their bitter twisted little world’s

  2. it gets even better. on syc’s twitter account (not easy to miss since she makes sure to use the same name and profile picture as she does on the other site) she even answers her own question re the donation money. according to syc, the family bought *drumroll* *spotlights* A NEW BMW CAR. oh yes you heard that right. of course syc will provide the proof for that. right? yeah, right 😀
    which brings us to the next point of interest: this superwoman is an accomplished barrister, has a twitter account buzzing with her ‘truth’ AND runs the llaav page (or was it llav, bitter lemon? you got us confused there) AND runs lem nine to eleven AND her ‘wall of truth’ PLUS her three profiles and her other mini-me’s AND regular comments and posts on BBBBB, AND even has time to sit around waiting for the police with always fresh tea and cookies at the ready. and between all that, she has time to knit, do rescue runs and donate to every possible cause involving sad doggies. *cue audience cheers*
    really, tell us what you’re using, dear. we’d really really like to have some of that 😀

  3. It’s difficult to keep up with the characters of Lemon land, Heather claimed to be a Law student that had taken time out to travel? Then wobbly head Roxanne arrives in Lemon land and claims she is a Barrister, at that point Heather must have been travelling due to her redundant profile, but never fear Heather appeared with a fantastic new stage name of Heather LeatherStraps, Classy hey. Maybe the bar she claims to be part of is really a Pole seems legit, Heather leatherstrap pole and lap dancer? I Shudder at the thought

  4. Hasn’t evva got it yet,Lennox and fudge are symbols for all the dogs killed because of bsl.lennox brought together thousands of people who,because of Lennox,know that innocent dogs are being killed because it only takes a tape measure to judge them as type.did I see an apology of sorts,desperate because people are beginning to see that it is not about syc and co version of the truth,but about vilifying anyone who doesn’t agree with her version of the truth.

  5. Already those one or two groups/organisations are distancing themselves from Roxsputin as this despot sinks lower and lower into the depths of her own demented ego.. Whilst at one time they were happy to agree and add their (or there), own little ditties to help whatever Roxsputins’s latest hate trail was, they now see her and her conjoined cronies, both real and conjured up, as a threat, and a huge one, to the groups they themselves hold dear, not good . Can you imagine the repercussions of being associated with Roxsputin when the fall out comes? Do be careful Roxsputin the first to turn on tyrants are usually their, (or there), own.

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