It’s panto season…

Heather, you misunderstood…

You were supposed to audition for the ass end of the horse love, not the part of Lady Macbeth.


7 thoughts on “It’s panto season…

  1. Cant wait until a certain woman from an organisation thats meant to be against ;bsl gets caught out.
    What a crock syc and co chat. Every supporter is well aware that theyre a handful of spiteful spineless vile beings that are closely linked to the LENNOX case, didnt like the truth getting out didnt like people knowing how evil they are, well wait until your all exposed for the corrupt scum you are 🙂
    Dear santa may i have their real identities exposed for Xmas

  2. Well said wartsawitch! I can only add that I thought Poosey Kat came across as marginally more intelligent than Peter the heavy drinking, self proclaimed ‘expert’. But maybe the person in that id was sober when it was typing?

  3. Oh Heather Leatherstropps, are you kicking off because your venom isn’t having that much affect lately? Surely even you must compute that the more boring and repetitive that venom becomes, the less toxic it is. Well sorry Chavvy – we’ve heard it all before.
    However, on a more serious issue: How dare you use the thousands of dogs killed by BSL to gain a bit of credibility for yourself. How many of them did you give a thought to, let alone mention, whilst you were shining that beacon of light on the ‘truth’? NONE!!!!
    Over two years ago a BSL Rally was held in London, a petition was handed into 10 Downing Street, as part of that rally vigil was held and a scroll was read out naming those dogs who were killed by BSL. Very few had heard of Lennox at that time, and even less had heard about BSL. Because of the efforts of Lennox’s family to gain justice for him, the dog’s plight was circulated throughout the internet. Gradually groups and organisations joined and the name Lennox became a figurehead for every dog seized under Section One of the DDA Act, and the family of every dog seized was reached out to by members of the Save Lennox Campaign – even those who had already lost their dog to BSL joined in and reached out in the hope of saving another. All under the umbrella of the one dog, Lennox, a name all have come to recognise.

    ‘It angers me beyond belief that you have the audacity to state, ‘I had a really crappy day because it always angers me when another dog dies because of BSL and there was nobody there to remember him or say his name when he was killed, yet there are thousands that only want to remember one dog’

    How many during the time of Lennox’s incarceration did you or your leeches reach out to the family of a seized dog Leatherstropps? Never, not once, nada, zilch, but then your concern was for only that one dog, or rather those people connected to him. You give yourself away too easily Stropps, you are more closely associated to those connected to his case, than you dare let others’ know.
    What you seem to have overlooked in your flat out efforts to be seen as ‘caring’, is the fact that you and your leeches were (and still are), doing your best to discredit the campaign against BSL by continuing to defile the family and supporters of Lennox.
    If you can’t admit who you are Stropps – crawl back under the rock and take your ultra-egos’ and acid-sucking lemon minions with you!

    P.S. Poosey Kat Peter? Really – lol

  4. She’s not the only deluded one. Kirsten Lawrence and the Christina reckon they phoned BCC on the day Lennox died. Umm really? What for? To congratulate them on a job well done? Come on now your noses really are growing bigger

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