Eggs on Boast

Today we find Heather talking to herself again, playing the almost redundant one on the left; the all-round good egg she pulls out of the bag every now and then.

Reverse Psychology

Historically, she’s never been able to keep this up for long because she has nothing to work with. Heather is restricted to using a single tried and tested formula, the only one she knows. And so on this occasion she nipped into enemy territory (she’s always there anyway), stole a good-deed idea from way back, returned to camp, claiming it as her own.

For good measure, just in case the odd Twisted Lemon has the whisper of a conscience and enough brain cells to work it out, she attempts praising her targets one minute then slapping them down the next, accusing them of plagiarism and being stroppy.

Temporarily overcome by all that saintliness (and because she has an audience), Heather hard boils her egg with a suggestion that all Twisted Lemons unite and do good things. She rounds it off with a Bitter compliment to herself and an almost tearful little postscript; something about having a heart.

And that’s how it’s done.


7 thoughts on “Eggs on Boast

  1. Oh my days,heather in meltdown 2 people don’t agree with the truth according to heather.even one of her own dares to disagree,heathers answer?,have a go at trollops,and pretend she knows whose act of genius it is.i despair for her. Straight jacket at the ready,padded cell all warmed up.

    • And just like she does to every one who questions her – she calls them a core supporter. And for once she was put right by one of her “own”. She must be throwing her dummies and toys out as I type.

  2. “It’s nice to see the ideas of this page being utilised by others”???? Can they be that egoistical as to even imagine that anyone, other that their idiot minions, believe they have come up with an original idea for animal rescue or welfare? How pathetic.
    As we all know, you are couldn’t give a toss about anything other than trying to ruin the lives and/or reputations of whoever you chose to target. The reason you have suddenly started harping on about animal welfare, is because you are being exposed for what you really are,
    Anyone with true conviction and belief in their words, would have no worries in standing up and revealing who they truly were: Unfortunately you cannot do that; imagine the consequences for yourselves and those who associate with you

    Never mind trollies, perhaps someone will do it for you…

    Ha Ha trollied – BOOM BOOM!!!

  3. Teenage tantrums in abundance on that page tonight. Picking on innocent people, having their failings pointed out to them, hazarding wild and illogical guesses as to who the people posting are. Proper stressy little madams lol and Amy Miller could be outwitted by someone in pre school! They should make people take IQ tests before giving them computers

  4. so it’s true… daylight is just a rumour to her. there have been auctions and winter rallies for shelters – uhm well, as long as there have been shelters. they must have forgotten to put this info in her briefing when she left the spaceship from planet Zork.

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