Summers overstepping the mark

(Summers: “Oops I’ve only gone and contacted Hesperia’s school with this post and screen dumps of Hesperia and Lukas stalking me online and abusing me).

This is absolutely sickening. We all know Summers is unhinged, but this psychotic behaviour shows that she is totally incapable of drawing a line she will not go beyond.



4 thoughts on “HOW TO …

  1. How on earth can she try and make herself the victim after the months and months of abuse she’s thrown at people? I assume she’s trying to get sympathy off potential new supporters by pretending she’s an innocent? Lot of double standards going about on the troll pages, it must be their latest tactic and yet they claim to be ‘honest’ citizens who tell the truth. They really WILL make fools of themselves trying that routine !

  2. now this is definitely proof that someone went up and changed the light bulb for one with the wrong voltage. poor pet rat’s loaf has shortcircuited for sure. makes you wonder if she REALLY got to sending screen dumps to this target’s school? would be good to know, though something tells me that school would have hit the spam button rightaway IF she really got round to do that. which would be actually nothing short of a miracle in its own right, given the information we dug up on the named target.

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