your permission ….

… to send people your way is appreciated Lemons, thanks.

You won’t mind then if we pick over some bones while we’re here?

On the subject of ‘fake profiles’ and ‘Pot, Kettle, Black‘, off the top of our heads we know of several disembodied entities in the form of Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones, Little Nala, Nikola Black, Amy Miller, Kay Jay, to name but a few.

Visitors will notice the ‘ABUSE OF EGAR‘ headline in the Lemons’ post back there. The words ‘straws’ and ‘clutching’ come to mind, but it deserves a response and continues below.

The screen capture below is an old link regurgitated by the Lemons with the intention of scoring a couple of limp Brownie points. You have to hand it to them; it must have taken some serious muck-raking to find it.

The capture shows Ann Morris making all sorts of claims and inferences about the reputation of an apparently saintly Sarah Gunther, and Ms Morris’ post must be true because she says it is.

Ann Morris also provides readers with yet another ‘opinion-as-fact’ about Lennox’s family, so often seen on the Lemons’ pages.

Ms Morris, who seems to be the self-appointed mouthpiece of Sarah Gunther, says that Sarah has been sent hate mail and threats and attacked for offering to help:

The Lemons very kindly attempt to provide lots of evidence to support Ms Morris’ claim that Sarah Gunther and ‘Egar’ were on the receiving end of ‘disgraceful abuse’. And that’s all it is, an ‘attempt’ and about all they could come up with at short notice apparently.

Screenshots the Lemons took great pains to find and copy actually show Ms Gunther being challenged for good reason, although they’re trying to give the impression that John Winters has initiated an attack, when in fact he’s responding, but large chunks of the threads are conveniently missing.

And that’s the point. Once again the Lemons have plucked something out of thin air, taken it out of context and placed it in the order of events that suits them. In reality, had they provided all the evidence, the screenshots would make it clear that the so-called ‘attackers’ were actually sick to death of being challenged and defending their decisions over a period of time.

Ann Morris and the Lemons seem to be saying that we should take as Gospel the fact that someone most of us have never heard of before, and the rescue she fronts, is absolutely beyond reproach and utterly genuine, and we’re invited to look on her website for proof, at which point we’ll see the light. Not sure how that works.

Now we don’t have an opinion either way about Sarah Gunther or EGAR, but we do have one about the Ann Winters’ post.

So now what will happen is the Lemons will beaver away like mad, looking for more proof, stick it up on their page with a ‘so there!’ like petulant little rugrats and bleat on about being bullied, undermined and generally being taken the piss out of. That’s life Lemons, but not ours thankfully. In your case it’s called ‘reap what you sow’.


3 thoughts on “your permission ….

  1. I’m intrigued to know how this person was getting seized dogs out of NI (who i assume were also held in secret kennel locations awaiting court?) I thought once a dog was in ‘custody’ it/the owners had to await court or the dog was handed over by the owners and euthanised according to the law they all insist was just being upheld where Lennox was concerned? Are there some kind of under the table dealings going on that include Dog Wardens, kennel staff etc ?

  2. It’s a hard life being a troll,bless them,they. Are more to be pitied than scolded.must be very tiring throwing your teddies out of the pram on a daily basis, they need a visit from super nanny and the naughty chair

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