well make your mind up!

Heather Jones on Boycott Boycott Belfast, uncharacteristically being quite reasonable, absolving Victoria Stilwell of a wrongdoing (she’s all heart) but quickly recovers to stick the boot in….

Also on Boycott Boycott Belfast, here’s the Roxanne Summers‘ profile, on the same subject, saying something completely different…

and the rest of the Summers’ venom won’t surprise anyone…

Victoria Stilwell rarely replies to questions on her Facebook page for any number of reasons but obviously Summers thinks Victoria Stilwell should have made an exception in her case. We think it’s safe to say, responding to a rampant psychotic troll wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interests.

The Hate Campaign’s hostility towards Victoria Stilwell is just another example of their envy and malice, which seems to be eating away at them like maggots; or maybe they are the maggots.

accusations by… Heather Jones

‘Heather Jones is all over the place on Facebook in many different disguises. Apart from the profile link below and various other aliases (such as Thet Rolls, Carol Jones, assorted ‘Admins’ and Lemon-types), she’s got a couple of spares on the go: Heather Jones II and Heather Jones III. Strange thing to do for someone who claims to be ‘real’ but presumably they exist to help bolster ratings.

The Heather Jone’s hate campaign:

  • Re: Lennox BSL. Heather Jones on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast has accused Caroline Barnes and Craig Winters of stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds in donation money in relation to the Save Lennox Campaign.
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Heather Jones on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast has accused the Save Lennox Campaign organisers (by which we take to mean Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters, their family and closest supporters in the absence of any other explanation from Heather Jones) of inciting violence and hatred towards opposers of the Save Lennox Campaign.
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Heather Jones on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast has accused the Save Lennox Campaign organisers (by which we take to mean Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters, their family and closest supporters in the absence of any other explanation from Heather Jones) of TERRORIST ACTIVITIES
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Heather Jones on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast has accused Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters and supporters of the Save Lennox Campaign of sending threats to a Belfast Dog Warden, including death threatsthreats to rape, threats to ‘hunt her down’.
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Heather Jones on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast has accused Caroline Barnes, Craig Winters and supporters of the Save Lennox Campaign of inciting hatred in order to attract ‘donation money‘.
  • Re: Lennox BSL. Heather Jones on Facebook page Boycott Boycott Belfast claims to have private PayPal information provided by several people who have allegedly donated to the Save Lennox Campaign. Heather Jones claims these people have told her personally that they are afraid of Craig Winters.

There’s a fair bit more which we’ll include later. Screenshots available on request for all of the above; some still remain on the Boycott Boycott Belfast Boom Boom timeline.

Next up: Roxanne Summers

it’s that time again…

Today we’re going over a phone call again; yes, that one.

There’s a reason we’ve chosen that particular subject. The Hate Campaign’s posts are littered with bleats about how hard done by they are and how they’re being subjected to ridicule and bullying. Poor things, and what with them being so innocent and all…

Plenty more where that came from, but it’s time for that creepy phone call again. The only difference with this piece of work is that it’s a ‘Roxanne Summers‘ original, but it’s still as fake as her name. If you haven’t done so already, have a listen…

Link: Summers stalking a target

Obviously we don’t know for certain who the person behind the Summers profile is (at least we can’t prove it at the moment), but it wouldn’t take a diploma in BS to see that, because she’s brick-thick she assumes everyone else is as well, which makes her confident she can sucker her audience into believing her rendition of that call. The bad news is that her follows did fall for it; enough said.

Roxanne Summers, deliberately speaking away from the phone to make it appear the target is ignoring her. At first we thought Summers might have fiddled with the recording in some way, but that was quickly dismissed as being way too complicated for her to achieve, and another listen makes it very evident what’s really going on.

the blame game..

…and a very convenient one for the Hate Campaigners.

If pigs sprouted wings, flew over Belfast and crapped all over the BCC offices, the HC would blame the Lennox’s owners and their close supporters. It’s akin to tarring all football supporters with the same ‘hooligan’ brush; inscrutable, mindless and childish.

And the Village Idiots strike again…

It was said that dog warden Sandie Lightfoot claimed she had her car tyres slashed and received a petrol-soaked envelope through her letter box (that later changed to Yolanda Elwood).  No proof has ever been found – subsequent enquiries to the press and PSNI drew a complete blank on that one because there apparently wasn’t any ‘evidence’ for the police to investigate.

So nothing new there then for the Hate Campaign; no positive, unequivocal proof, or any of that conclusive-evidence nonsense.

Cathy Hayes (IrishCentral.com) reported that dog control manager Yolanda Elwood suffered many physical and verbal threats and her disabled son was a victim of a beating (again, no investigation was conducted by the Police). However, Ms Elwood later said that she did not blame the family. So either she knew it had nothing to do with Save Lennox supporters or she recognised that, just like a handful of yobs can spoil it for everyone else at a football match, so too campaigns such as this attract undesirables that nobody else has any control over.

But according to the Hate Campaign, it was a carefully orchestrated vendetta by Lennox’s family and their closest supporters. If you have a mind like a sewer, you assume everyone else does too.

As far as Alexandra Lightfoot is concerned, you have to ask yourself whether any incidents occurred at all. Bearing in mind that some BCC staff were reported making childish animal sounds to Lennox supporters calling their offices, which apparently were recorded, it doesn’t give you much hope that Belfast City Council is staffed exclusively by adults does it?

We’ll leave you with this…

kirsten Lawrence Facebook accusing craig barnes of petrol bombing

a ‘concerned’ supporter (UAAA)…

…or, in this instance, oxymoron.

In other words, a contradiction in terms, and our rummage came up with this tome from a very familiar author:

> A Concerned Supporter Of Lennox” <

If you have time or the inclination to read the essay all the way through, the true intention, resentment and prejudice hits like a brick. This essay is peppered with lies and guesswork based on jealousy and malice and the bitter and twisted author has made sure that anyone who didn’t know where Lennox’s owners lived before, sure did when they read that post.

There’s far too much to include here, so we’ll just highlight a couple of points in one screenshot and pick over the rest:

According to UAAA, they accepted this post anonymously and you’ll probably have your own views on that. They say it was sent by someone who is ‘sceptical of information posted’ and yet there’s nothing ‘sceptical’ about the content at all. ‘Sceptical’ implies a certain amount of impartiality; this is just based on spite.

As you can see, the author tries to be clever (another oxymoron, considering who wrote it) by claiming to be squeaky clean and all that crap, then one paragraph later the whole thing descends into yet another vehicle for her bile. In spite of being ‘anonymous’ she says: ‘knowing what you know about me‘.

The rest of the essay more or less gets shot down in flames in the thread and elsewhere (screenshots available for that), and if you like reading the Roxanne persona spit and polish, that’s there too. A couple of references to a ‘Billie’ in there indicate that said ‘Billie’ (Bennet aka Heather Jones no doubt) had been putting her oar in which was subsequently removed.


Dear Heather….

If you’re going to fight for Truth, Justice and the Troll-op Way, it’s advisable to be totally up front with your bootlickers. Therefore you need to hone those fibbing skills, because so far your efforts leave a lot to be desired.

This isn’t new Heather news – the full version of the thread for this Billie Bennet comment it’s still sitting on the BBBBB wall…

and here’s the same comment from Heather, word for word ….

It’s true she doesn’t sign herself off there, but when Heather is pulled up for posing as ‘Billie Bennet’ elsewhere, this is her reaction….

She does raving looney to perfection, going totally OTT taking such great pains to explain that “nobody saw me do it and you can’t prove a thing”. Not so much overcooked as burnt to a crisp.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s HEATHER JONES in caps, the ‘I, ME, Heather Jones‘, all big giveaways.

Heather, if you’re going to accuse other people of telling lies and run a hate campaign based on it, might be a good idea to master your own trade first. And when you create a fake profile, put some effort into it for heaven’s sake – Billie Bennet 1 and Billie Bennet 2 (or ‘9‘ if you believe the link).

But she’s a trooper is our ‘Ever, and she’s going to see this through to the bitter end…

She’s not surprised because she knows it didn’t happen, but hey, let’s cut her some slack. She’s been caught with her hands in the till and backed herself into a corner.

‘Ever, that’s a whopper even for you!

The penny finally drops that yet another Identity According to Heather is exposed (she must be reading our blog very carefully, we mentioned ‘Billie’ only twice).

Now the next thing she does might seem based on acumen and intelligence, but it really isn’t. It’s cunning, pure and simple, although to her credit she had to think darn fast, and a few hours later (!) she comes up with this to try and cover her tracks…

And she doesn’t stop there; she’s going for the big one…

You know Heather, it’s actually very fortunate for you that ‘it’s not covered by the law’ otherwise you’d be up shite creek without so much as a matchstick to row with wouldn’t you?

Before we go…

We couldn’t have said it better Stephen!

Everything you always wanted to know about…

Psychotics, but were afraid to ask. 

Example 1: Roxanne Summers spitting jealousy and resentment all over her computer screen…..

Gosh, can you imagine what her retired professional (hope we’re not back to the word ‘vice‘ again? Legal Eagle) mummy would say if she saw her precious daughter talking in such a horrid and ghastly manner? Why, she’d probably choke on that cucumber sandwich, and we’d certainly advise everyone to shout ‘fore’ when she’s off tossing balls on the golf course. And how could any self-respecting mumsy enjoy a nice relaxing evening with daddy after reading that?

nit pick…

Do get ‘into’ them (heather), we can’t wait to hear. Where’s this endless list we’re all waiting for, or are you still struggling with patch-working the screenshots?

And what ‘people don’t want it made public they support (your) pages‘? Would that be the two people who sent you screenshots of Paypal payments? Just the two of them yes?

And those receipts amount to what, £125 in total? If you have more, where are they and why would anyone be worried about receipts going public when you always remove the ID? Or is that just another crock?

moldy old chestnut …

…it may be, but oh dear….

The way it looks from here, it’s safe to say that Heather Jones will now be required to put her money where her mouth is on this one.

Vermillion-I-don’t-have-an-opinion-of-my-own, making accusations based on what she’s fed by Jones.

Here are more regurgitated Paypal screenshots conveniently made anonymous. But let’s hope they have plenty more where that came from otherwise it’s in danger of looking a bit wet (£125??).

and the cracks appear…

Thinking of challenging them? They prefer it if you’re alone, as Casper was. It’s much more effective to bully and make snide comments to one person. Note how ‘busy’ it suddenly gets on their pages when an outsider sets foot in their cave. Any other time they struggle to get enough people to form a couple:

Then of course there’s the name calling and stalking by creepy phone call (link). Strange, the link to that call made by ‘Roxanne’ has disappeared. Maybe they’d be good enough to stick it back so we can all have another listen?  And while you’re at it, put the comments you all made back with it.

We can’t leave without exhibiting Summers’ spite-scented montage:

And then there’s the other little compilation from Summers, or maybe that’s Mel Page?…..


it was our turn..


…to be confused…

but as it happens Bitter Lemon was getting excited over nothing…

and to make matters worse, there she is confirming that Carol is indeed Heather. Get in there! Another own goal from the Hate Campaign (anyone keeping tabs on the score?)

Soccer 2

Honestly Heather, it’s a bit cheeky to expect the removal of a relatively mild (but accurate) comment when you had just used the F word and made (as yet) unsubstantiated accusations, and you Carol either lied about walking the dogs or it was a very short walk, because there you were posting away on BBB, popping back in to see us using the BBB profile as cover, and signing yourself off as Heather! (or was it the other way around?) Oh well, What ‘Ever.

Fortunately you seem to have semi-retired Roxanne Summers, otherwise you’d be in danger of disappearing up your own exhaust.


the weekend starts here…

As it’s the end of the blogging week for us, and traditionally we’re not back until Monday, we thought it would be nice to leave you with some eloquent and articulate statements.

Note the never-before-seen, sophisticated one-liners:

Next up, Moggy:

Then there’s Debs Gathercole, the articulate poet, and the one with the scary legal team coming to get us (eek):

Looks like Debs had a blinding education, obviously no expense spared.

Debs assures everyone that she is who she is, which must be a relief to her and them, so as she’s so self-aware, we didn’t think she’d mind if we offered some advice. Debs seems to be struggling with her ditties, and it’s probably because she’s aiming too high.

Please keep the screenshots and other stuff coming folks. Take care and have a good weekend.

genuine fakes…

It’s a good show tonight…

for starters, the person behind Poosey seems to have been on the boosey…

Pussy love, you're not real!

and then this…

Another priceless gem from Heather Jones. Of course, we won’t mention her sneaking around, using the Twisted Lemon profile, trying to goad a long departed poster into answering a question about something and someone totally unrelated.

that phone call…

…rears it’s ugly head again:

Pardoe likes to pop in every now and then to stick the boot in, provided everyone else is also out in force.

Julie, you are so last month, that phone call has been picked to pieces many times. We covered it ourselves in October but you can find it dissected anywhere you care to look on Facebook. Get a grip woman. (Sorry to ask; when you say your ‘friends DO work’ with a wink, is that innuendo? You know, like ‘working’ in the Biblical sense?).


Saturday Matinee…

The Ralphing – Part I

Although posted by Summers just this week, you can see the Save Lennox screen-grab she’s used to score (nil) points is well over a year old….

This is normal practice for the Hate Campaign .  All of their ‘evidence’, ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ are outdated and resurrected on a regular basis, running through their pages like a fart through a sieve.

The Ralphing – Part II

This screen-grab has been around since Year Dot, doing the Summers’ rounds many times. We include it only to illustrate more obsession and hate, and because we thought Ms Lawrence’s statement was just a bit rich!  Self-delusion strikes again.


A message from our Sponsor:

The Ralphing – Part III

The facts according to Summers, self-appointed legal expert (Legal Eagle)..

Legal eagle

Roxanne Summers would have you all believe she’s a barrister and legal expert.

The evidence – Exhibit 1

Another vile, deranged and illogical rant from Potty Mouth.

We could go on about how a sane legal expert wouldn’t post such comments on a social networking site or a tacky website (LLAAV), but that’s stating the obvious and an insult to the intelligence of our supporters.

Exhibit 2

As staunch allies and friends of dog warden Sandie Lightfoot , this is the best the Hate Campaign could come up with.

Apparently it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, because Sandie Lightfoot says so, in her own words. Classic.

Exhibit 3 

What? Caroline Barnes received a donation of ONE POUND STERLING (refunded!)? Scandalous! We just have two words – Melanie Page.

In Conclusion

The only UK BAR Summers has ever visited is the alcoholic kind, unless standards have dropped dramatically. You’d expect a barrister to achieve a high level of education, and have more than a passing acquaintance with Latin…




Eggs on Boast

Today we find Heather talking to herself again, playing the almost redundant one on the left; the all-round good egg she pulls out of the bag every now and then.

Reverse Psychology

Historically, she’s never been able to keep this up for long because she has nothing to work with. Heather is restricted to using a single tried and tested formula, the only one she knows. And so on this occasion she nipped into enemy territory (she’s always there anyway), stole a good-deed idea from way back, returned to camp, claiming it as her own.

For good measure, just in case the odd Twisted Lemon has the whisper of a conscience and enough brain cells to work it out, she attempts praising her targets one minute then slapping them down the next, accusing them of plagiarism and being stroppy.

Temporarily overcome by all that saintliness (and because she has an audience), Heather hard boils her egg with a suggestion that all Twisted Lemons unite and do good things. She rounds it off with a Bitter compliment to herself and an almost tearful little postscript; something about having a heart.

And that’s how it’s done.



Summers overstepping the mark

(Summers: “Oops I’ve only gone and contacted Hesperia’s school with this post and screen dumps of Hesperia and Lukas stalking me online and abusing me).

This is absolutely sickening. We all know Summers is unhinged, but this psychotic behaviour shows that she is totally incapable of drawing a line she will not go beyond.


your permission ….

… to send people your way is appreciated Lemons, thanks.

You won’t mind then if we pick over some bones while we’re here?

On the subject of ‘fake profiles’ and ‘Pot, Kettle, Black‘, off the top of our heads we know of several disembodied entities in the form of Roxanne Summers, Heather Jones, Little Nala, Nikola Black, Amy Miller, Kay Jay, to name but a few.

Visitors will notice the ‘ABUSE OF EGAR‘ headline in the Lemons’ post back there. The words ‘straws’ and ‘clutching’ come to mind, but it deserves a response and continues below.

The screen capture below is an old link regurgitated by the Lemons with the intention of scoring a couple of limp Brownie points. You have to hand it to them; it must have taken some serious muck-raking to find it.

The capture shows Ann Morris making all sorts of claims and inferences about the reputation of an apparently saintly Sarah Gunther, and Ms Morris’ post must be true because she says it is.

Ann Morris also provides readers with yet another ‘opinion-as-fact’ about Lennox’s family, so often seen on the Lemons’ pages.

Ms Morris, who seems to be the self-appointed mouthpiece of Sarah Gunther, says that Sarah has been sent hate mail and threats and attacked for offering to help:

The Lemons very kindly attempt to provide lots of evidence to support Ms Morris’ claim that Sarah Gunther and ‘Egar’ were on the receiving end of ‘disgraceful abuse’. And that’s all it is, an ‘attempt’ and about all they could come up with at short notice apparently.

Screenshots the Lemons took great pains to find and copy actually show Ms Gunther being challenged for good reason, although they’re trying to give the impression that John Winters has initiated an attack, when in fact he’s responding, but large chunks of the threads are conveniently missing.

And that’s the point. Once again the Lemons have plucked something out of thin air, taken it out of context and placed it in the order of events that suits them. In reality, had they provided all the evidence, the screenshots would make it clear that the so-called ‘attackers’ were actually sick to death of being challenged and defending their decisions over a period of time.

Ann Morris and the Lemons seem to be saying that we should take as Gospel the fact that someone most of us have never heard of before, and the rescue she fronts, is absolutely beyond reproach and utterly genuine, and we’re invited to look on her website for proof, at which point we’ll see the light. Not sure how that works.

Now we don’t have an opinion either way about Sarah Gunther or EGAR, but we do have one about the Ann Winters’ post.

So now what will happen is the Lemons will beaver away like mad, looking for more proof, stick it up on their page with a ‘so there!’ like petulant little rugrats and bleat on about being bullied, undermined and generally being taken the piss out of. That’s life Lemons, but not ours thankfully. In your case it’s called ‘reap what you sow’.