Striking a balance

We’ve been asked why there are only pro-us comments on here. We’re more than happy to include anti-us remarks but up until now they’ve been peppered with so many expletives the posts would consist of just a series of ‘bleeps‘ along with the odd ‘lol‘ and ‘hahaha‘.

In addition, some anti‘s seem to have problems with their grammar and the ability to form an intelligible sentence using proper grown-up words. No point in approving comments like that as they’re only understandable to the author and other anti‘s.

Others have threatened us with their ‘legal teams‘, ‘the police‘, etc, citing harassment. We’re quite sure we haven’t twisted anybody’s arms to follow our blog and to date we’ve only used the HC’s own words and actions against them, so maybe they should consider having a word with themselves instead of blaming us for the bad publicity.

(It’s only fair to mention that including our HC Team list on their own website – The Lav – has resulted in their names cropping up on Internet searches for all the wrong reasons. Not the smartest move. Doh!)

Other exclusions include those who are obviously very young. Michaela Christine Enselmann, for example, was one of the first to comment here as a six-year old, but her second comment a few days later made it clear she’d regressed to a toddler. We are worried that she’ll disappear and become the glint in the milkman’s eye soon. We’ll miss her if she does.

So if you want your comments authorised here, please curb the naughty words. Thanks.


One thought on “Striking a balance

  1. Grown up comments from them with no expletives or their ranting, raging hypocrisy? You’re asking a lot aren’t you lol

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