another diatribe…

Have to hand to Summers, she’s always true to form. Here’s another piece of pure evil:

Having read it back and realised it was too nice by her standards, Summers decided something was missing…note she’s talking to herself yet again…


2 thoughts on “another diatribe…

  1. this is indeed a priceless one, even stooping to a new low here. one wonders what substances she’s on, actually one might have hope it’s just the substances talking because if this pet rat is out there on the loose and acting like this all sober it is time to bring in that lovely white jacket with the nifty long arms and a nice big siringe. now have a sip, roxy. there you you go. now you turn your head to the wall and bang it. just a couple of times, until that pleasant dizzy sensation sets back in. there there. better now? and to think that her followers of truth are eating from her hand without ever questioning her motives. it’s a strange world we live in.

  2. I Do hope people are seeing this nutter for what she is, Multiple personality disorder has nothing on her, i find it strange how people follow her madness and yet they dont even know her real identity? Just goes to show that like really does attract like

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