Introducing Heather Jones

It does seem that Heather Jones is just a tiny bit obsessed with making very personal attacks on a few people. Let’s see how many posts we can find on her anti-BB (BBB) page relating to constructive information and healthy criticism……. hmm, none.  It’s odd, because we could swear she said something about only posting the truth. We must have misunderstood what ‘the truth’ meant.

Heather Jones grabbed a media pic of Caroline Barnes taken outside court on a particular day. She then posted it to her Facebook page (Boycott Boycott Belfast) and sat awaiting the arrival of other sharks for their daily feeding frenzy. 

It didn’t quite go to plan at first because Heather was challenged. However, she did an admiral job of resistance, maintaining her-opinion-as-fact and, give the girl credit, she stuck to her guns in spite of the mild opposition. But she needn’t have bothered; in the end her dissenters didn’t have the backbone to carry it off.

What Heather Jones, very conveniently, didn’t say is that this photo was misrepresented and in fact was taken before the court case. Now she couldn’t possibly fail to be aware of the photo below, taken the very same day, after the court case, because all of those media images derive from (and belong to) the same company, Press Eye (

Heather makes no mention of the existence of other images at first; it’s only when she becomes aware the other Hate Campaigners are clued up that she’s forced to make a brief show of being rational and reasonable. She still dismisses out of hand any explanation other than the one she’s decided on.

And this just about sums Heather Jones up…



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