Updates …

Roxanne Summers has been adding to her repertoire by making dodgy phone calls (it was only a matter of time). It took her a while to doctor the recording of a call she made to one of her targets, and it will come as no surprise to anyone that only other Hate Campaigners are taken in by it [ link ].

For anyone who hasn’t or doesn’t want to listen to the recording, basically Summers has used the old trick of speaking so far away from the phone it appears as if the other party is ignoring her, when in fact her voice is only evident on the recording and not heard by the recipient.

Summers spent hours doctoring the recording (the reason she took so long), uploaded it to one of her Facebook pages, only to remove it almost straight away because it didn’t stand up to close inspection, then used the same old excuse that it had been ‘reported and removed’ (zzzz).



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