Striking a balance

We’ve been asked why there are only pro-us comments on here. We’re more than happy to include anti-us remarks but up until now they’ve been peppered with so many expletives the posts would consist of just a series of ‘bleeps‘ along with the odd ‘lol‘ and ‘hahaha‘.

In addition, some anti‘s seem to have problems with their grammar and the ability to form an intelligible sentence using proper grown-up words. No point in approving comments like that as they’re only understandable to the author and other anti‘s.

Others have threatened us with their ‘legal teams‘, ‘the police‘, etc, citing harassment. We’re quite sure we haven’t twisted anybody’s arms to follow our blog and to date we’ve only used the HC’s own words and actions against them, so maybe they should consider having a word with themselves instead of blaming us for the bad publicity.

(It’s only fair to mention that including our HC Team list on their own website – The Lav – has resulted in their names cropping up on Internet searches for all the wrong reasons. Not the smartest move. Doh!)

Other exclusions include those who are obviously very young. Michaela Christine Enselmann, for example, was one of the first to comment here as a six-year old, but her second comment a few days later made it clear she’d regressed to a toddler. We are worried that she’ll disappear and become the glint in the milkman’s eye soon. We’ll miss her if she does.

So if you want your comments authorised here, please curb the naughty words. Thanks.

Introducing Heather Jones

It does seem that Heather Jones is just a tiny bit obsessed with making very personal attacks on a few people. Let’s see how many posts we can find on her anti-BB (BBB) page relating to constructive information and healthy criticism……. hmm, none.  It’s odd, because we could swear she said something about only posting the truth. We must have misunderstood what ‘the truth’ meant.

Heather Jones grabbed a media pic of Caroline Barnes taken outside court on a particular day. She then posted it to her Facebook page (Boycott Boycott Belfast) and sat awaiting the arrival of other sharks for their daily feeding frenzy. 

It didn’t quite go to plan at first because Heather was challenged. However, she did an admiral job of resistance, maintaining her-opinion-as-fact and, give the girl credit, she stuck to her guns in spite of the mild opposition. But she needn’t have bothered; in the end her dissenters didn’t have the backbone to carry it off.

What Heather Jones, very conveniently, didn’t say is that this photo was misrepresented and in fact was taken before the court case. Now she couldn’t possibly fail to be aware of the photo below, taken the very same day, after the court case, because all of those media images derive from (and belong to) the same company, Press Eye (

Heather makes no mention of the existence of other images at first; it’s only when she becomes aware the other Hate Campaigners are clued up that she’s forced to make a brief show of being rational and reasonable. She still dismisses out of hand any explanation other than the one she’s decided on.

And this just about sums Heather Jones up…



A short video….

… a very serious (and legal) illustration of the enormous amount of damage that just a very small handful of like-minded malignant people such as Summers & Co. can achieve.

As for the Roxie and ‘Ever show, well bang goes that knighthood again. It doesn’t disappoint if you’re of the same repugnant mentality or if you’re looking for mind candy to wile away some time waiting for the kettle to boil – you won’t need any longer than that, it’s the same old repetitious bile. Spending too long on any of those pages gives a very nasty taste in the mouth.

more updates…

Example of Roxanne Summers’ handiwork – to be found on LLAAV:

“This is the call I made to Candy (Candida) Rogers*. I phoned her the day she posted a link to her latest website outing trolls (trolls being Truth Revealing Ordinary Loyal Lennox Supporters which is what sets us apart from the sheep who have believed the lies they were fed by barnes and winters)*. I wanted to ask her to stop harassing me*. Virtually every post she makes is about little old me, such is her obsession with me*. I had never even heard of the bitter old woman until she started writing b(l)og entries about me*. That was the start of her harassment and its been relentless since then”.*

Let’s dissect it:

This is the call I made to Candy (Candida) Rogers“* -referred to in our Updates; to all intents and purposes a fake call, not worth picking over here . Also note the childish name-calling – her other name for this person is ‘Granny Thrush.

I phoned her the day she posted a link to her latest website outing trolls (trolls being Truth Revealing Ordinary Loyal Lennox Supporters which is what sets us apart from the sheep who have believed the lies they were fed by barnes and winters)”.* – she actually spent time working on an acronym for the word T R O L L S (okaay).

Updates …

Roxanne Summers has been adding to her repertoire by making dodgy phone calls (it was only a matter of time). It took her a while to doctor the recording of a call she made to one of her targets, and it will come as no surprise to anyone that only other Hate Campaigners are taken in by it [ link ].

For anyone who hasn’t or doesn’t want to listen to the recording, basically Summers has used the old trick of speaking so far away from the phone it appears as if the other party is ignoring her, when in fact her voice is only evident on the recording and not heard by the recipient.

Summers spent hours doctoring the recording (the reason she took so long), uploaded it to one of her Facebook pages, only to remove it almost straight away because it didn’t stand up to close inspection, then used the same old excuse that it had been ‘reported and removed’ (zzzz).