question about the Bar Council


Hello Shankillway - as Summersdays hasn’t responded yet, we thought we’d fill you in, as it were, and also take this opportunity to update our visitors.

The Bar Council have indicated they will not be closing the complaint at this time as it coincides with Police investigations brought about by HC victims. As long as Police investigations remain active, any relevant information gleaned from them will be passed to the Bar Council.

Similarly, the information passed to the Bar Council was also given to the Police for their own investigations.

Apologies if that all sounds vague, that’s about as much as can be revealed publicly. If we were to publish material passed to the Bar Council and the Police, the investigations would be compromised.

However, rest assured that the matter is definitely ongoing and with so many people determined that Summers and Jones and all those associated will be exposed, it’s highly unlikely the matter will ever be dropped - certainly not as far as we’re concerned.

No matter how long it takes, sooner or later the past comes back to haunt in one form or another; mistakes are made and/or previous confidantes turn into enemies and informants.

Some of our previous posts including Bar Council information might be helpful:

Shankill Way, poorly disguised HC member




To all our friends and supporters.

Wishing you a very Happy 2014.

To our Subjects, we remind you that nothing is forgotten; there’s no hiding place and sooner or later – well, you know the rest.

It’s just a matter of time …


To make better use of this blog, over the next couple of months we’ll be covering things like, say, how someone who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the ass managed to qualify as a local authority employee, and we’ll be pondering the question ‘Do local authorities conduct thorough employee background checks?

On the subject of qualifications (or lack of), since it’s been such a big deal for HC members in the past, we’ll be looking at:

  • The qualifications of various judgemental ‘experts’;
  • The uncanny similarity between some fake and real profiles, including so-called ‘experts’;
  • A “Would you let this person near your dog, given what you know now?” feature, something we’re particularly looking forward to.
  • And other stuff  (i.e. slashing tyres can just as easily be done by disgruntled ex-partners and/or husbands).

We’ll also have a Did You Know slot every now and then. For example, Did You Know That:

  • Dogs Trust provide free microchipping by appointment and frequently run free microchipping events nationwide. Unless you wish to donate, it won’t cost you a thing, not even three quid;
  • Tattooing should cost no more than £25-£30 by a qualified and registered tattooist;
  • Rescues and Shelters who have had dogs and/or other animals removed by the authorities, owing to welfare concerns, are still able to operate, alarmingly even when animals have been confiscated on more than one occasion over time.

Dogs Trust Free Microchipping

 Back soon.

If the NAME fits…


You’ve heard about people with names which mirror their professions, such as The Reverend Michael Vickers, neurologist Lord Brain, prison reformer Frances Crook, Constable Lawless, etc.  Strange but true, but it isn’t confined to just surnames – did you know that it can also apply to locations; places where (some) people live?

For example, take NOTTS (Nottinghamshire), and then the homonym KNOTS, as in ‘tied up in knots‘ or ‘a knotty problem:

Heather Jones Facebook in Nottingham

Hmm, must be something to do with ‘cookies:)

Regular readers of the fake Heather Jones will recall that ‘she’ often referred to living in London, but knotted her knickers when one of the screenshots she posted showed advertising related to her real location (Nottingham), something we’ve covered before [link].

There sure is a lot going on in Nottingham:

LLAAV server location Nottingham

A mere coincidence The Lav aka LLAAV is hosted via Heart Internet, based in Nottingham?

Well maybe, but if there is to be a moral in this post, it’s more about the tangled web of lies they’ve spun for themselves, rather than a knotty problem.

For instance, some people in certain geographical areas have recently gone to extraordinary lengths denying they are involved, in any way, with The Lav, aka LLAAV (some more material for our Guess Who slots) :

Guess who is promoting The Lav aka LLAAV ? Same person who claims to have nothing to do with it.

Guess who is promoting The Lav aka LLAAV AGAIN any chance she gets even though she denies having anything to do with it

Guess who sounds a lot like Heather Jones promoting The Lav aka LLAAV

Denial is a pointless exercise for several reasons. For starters, there’s the mind-numbing primary school potty conversations among so-called (okay, self-styled) ‘professionals‘ which are uncannily similar to the juvenile, vacuous rants on The Lav, aka LLAAV, coupled with the HC’s almost unanimous attachment to the ‘C‘ word.

Then there’s the sick mentality that prompts them to randomly accuse people of being ‘stalkers of children‘ (go figure), and at least one of them will instantly brand you a ‘pedo‘ (he means ‘paedo‘) every chance he gets, for no apparent reason, other than that subject must be on his mind 24/7 – the same type of sick mentality that controlled the Heather Jones and Roxanne Summers profiles, among others – birds of a feather and all that.

(Which reminds us, where did ‘Angela Mannering’ disappear to?)

Finally, a word to our sponsors –  we know some of you are worried (ah bless) that we spend too many precious hours blogging about your antics but, as we told Heather Jones a few months back (before ‘she’ was put out to pasture), on average it takes us about half an hour to stick a blog post together, sometimes a lot less, and that’s because you’ve been kind enough to supply so much material for us to choose from. So there’s really no need to fret. However, we’re not ungrateful, and your concern is noted and appreciated.



We thought it might be interesting, and revealing, to have a guess the author slot on the blog.

Original, uncensored screenshots will be posted at a later date, but for now we’ve removed anything that could identify the people commenting; the only clues being in the content and style of writing.

Apart from giving us the chance to make use of unused material and screenshots buried in previous posts, it’s a very handy way of identifying individuals through their writing characteristics without a false name diverting attention away from the real identity, but we’ll also add a few screenshot comments from people who have used their own names.

Apologies if some of the screenshots seem a bit ‘random’, there’s a reason they’ve been used which will become obvious when the authors are revealed.

The comments option on this particular blog entry is temporarily disabled.


Guess Who Pt I

1:   This person was found stalking Victoria Stilwell, DDA Watch and the Free Lennox page on Facebook :

Which FOUNDING member of The Save Lennox HATE CAMPAIGN is this

While we’re showing this, can anyone, anyone at all, please send us evidence that Lennox’s owners :  a) ‘collected money fraudulently‘;  b) ‘made accusations about dozens of people that are simply untrue‘;  and c) ‘made threats, been abusive and harassed anyone who ever asked a question‘ – [link].

It’s interesting that this person offered to provide proof of those accusations only via private message and didn’t feel able to post it in public anywhere, at any time.  Please bear that in mind when we reveal the author next week.

» » » » » » »

2:    Someone who apparently knows everything there is to know about Deed not breed – in fact you’d swear they had a vested interest :Guess who this is with an awful lot of knowledge about Deed not Breed

The same person who wrote that also composed this:

Guess who is slagging off Victoria Stilwell, Again

It does not mean they are expert. Their evidence to the court is their opinion“!! :)

It doesn’t matter which one of the HC wrote this, it’s still a total contradiction of everything they’d previously agreed upon to say, but it suited this person’s vindictive agenda on that occasion to change tack (yet again). We’ll get to that another time.

For the moment, please note and keep in mind the final paragraph in that post.

» » » » » » »

3:    We’re including this one not so much to compare styles of writing, more for the content :

Guess who is dropping Lightfoot and Page right in it

We’ll cover what’s been said here later, but for anyone who hasn’t followed the HC campaign from the beginning, basically Terry Twoons was a fake profile set-up/used-by Sandie Lightfoot, and it disappeared darn quick! As soon as Lightfoot was rumbled in fact. More on that another time.

» » » » » » »

4:    A warning to owners of seized dogs. If you upset certain members of the HC, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the receiving end of one of their dirty tricks campaigns :

Guess who this sewer mind is

This person, and several other HC members, certainly did try their hand at ‘reporting’ Lennox’s family to the tax and benefits offices. Didn’t do them any good of course, because there was nothing to report, therefore no outcome.

Interestingly, some members of the HC were a bit shy about using their own names to do the ‘reporting’. Now that could be because several of them are on benefits themselves (Lennox’s family was not), or it could be they risked further damage to already sullied reputations owing to their complete lack of self-control. 

» » » » » » »

5:   One of our personal favourites :

Guess who is articulate and educated, NOT

» » » » » » »

7:    How low can you go

Guess who stoops to the lowest possible levels

» » » » » » »

8:    Two people commenting together, side by side on Victoria Stilwell’s page. Unusual considering  one of them claims to have had nothing to do with the Hate Campaign nor the people in it up to their necks, and therefore that person surely wouldn’t be seen dead stalking Victoria Stilwell ? 

Guess Who commenting yet again side by side

We’ve already wiped the floor with their Attorney General claims [link 1 / link 2] although to be fair it wasn’t difficult, and nobody took any notice of the HC prattling on about bomb threats and incendiary devices, because we all have Internet access and found out for ourselves what a crock that was. In fact even BCC couldn’t answer questions about their own accusations. But we’ll cover that subject in another blog entry as it’s something we haven’t touched on before. Besides, it will give us the chance to show more examples of the bile spewing forth from people who currently would prefer to be seen as innocent and squeaky clean.

9:    Before we leave Part I, here’s another snapshot of those same two people, who had nothing much to do with one another apparently, but here they’re found commenting on one of their own personal Facebook pages. What a coincidence, not :

Guess who commenting side by side once again

Guess Who Part II coming soon

Teddy Bear Strikes Again!


This particular Teddy has an obsession with introducing the term ‘KKK’ (Ku Klux Klan) into pretty much every comment. Charming.

And, as mentioned previously (link), he either has an extremely short memory or doesn’t involve himself in the logistics of Deed not Breed because Ted Ismay states: ” ….DnB has saved the lives of hundreds of dogs over the past seven years or so and are still doing it, daily…”

All that saving must have occurred prior to 2012 then, because according to this comment posted on DnB’s Facebook page on Monday of this week (18 March):

Sarah Gunther confirming 7 dogs saved in last 12 months, not the hundreds Ted Ismay claims

So between the three of them (Deed not Breed / Bull Breed Advisory Service and EGAR) they’ve saved seven dogs in the last year. You’d be hard-pushed to add enough digits to that figure to turn it into ‘hundreds’, but no doubt they’ll find a way.

Ted also says ”  DnB ask for no money, they pay for the full running costs out of their own pockets, they fund it themselves “, which is odd because Mel Page said something completely different fairly recently didn’t she?


Anyway, enough about Ted, although there isn’t much more we need to blog today, they’re doing all the hard work for us, and a fantastic job it is too. If ever we wanted to illustrate to our followers the infantile mentality of the Hate Campaign and, more importantly, the stark difference between them and other organisations and support groups, we could not, on any given day, have found a better example.

Before we go, just to remind everyone that, if you do look in on The Lav or Lem Thirteen, keep in mind they are all still there, regardless of the excuses that they cannot post for one reason or another. In fact they have so many fake profiles and aliases they’re running out of ideas. The latest one is Sherlock Homes, newly hatched, and the only reason they chose that name is they couldn’t spell Moriarty (can’t spell Holmes either). Okay, fair enough, that’s just nitpicking, and so is this:

Debbie Gathercole Facebook version of a fully grown adult

We’ll go over the rest another time, but to leave you with an illustration of Debbie Gathercole’s version of ‘an adult’ and her alleged ‘disapproval’ of some disgusting things that occurred on their side of the fence:

Debbie Gathercole Facebook disturbed

kettle and pot-ty are back again..

HEATHER you little faker you

So this blog is abusive and bullying and Heather Jones is a saint and we hide behind fake names while Heather Jones is 100 percent real with no other aliases. Well ain’t she just a laugh a minute that Heather Carol Billie Thet Ted Mel Bitter Twisted Lemon JONES.

Let’s have a look at Heather Jonesreal profile…

Heather jones profile not much going on

Heather jones profile sucks

Heather profile silly little twat

Heather Jones, that profile of yours looks so real. There’s sooo much anti BSL and animal welfare related stuff on there, took us ages to go through it.

Yep we’re impressed with how real it is. And would you just look at these…

Back to Heather Jones the real person who never resorts to personal insults when she can’t get her own way. So she never made up names for her targets, like Granny Thrush, cLiar, flange, and she’s never posted personal comments about anyone, and she’s never ensured that Lennox’s owners’ address and photos of their home were made public, nor has she listed their solicitor’s details in full, and she wouldn’t dream of accusing another respected solicitor of supporting dog fighting (got a ticking off for that one didn’t you Heather).

She tries her best to come across as sane and reasonable, but when she wants to spit nails, which she does regularly, she toddles off into another profile, although sometimes her identity slips her mind.

Heather nasty

Heathers greasy old man

Heather letting herself go

If nothing else, Heather Jones is a good faker, because here she is doing a sterling impression of a nasty piece of work by taking a photo out of context to suit a vile and twisted mentality. Couldn’t possibly be hers?:

Heather f'ing bitch